“There is hardly any other region that will experience such an improvement in the near future like the Weinviertel will” opines not only Michael Pisecky, Managing Director of S-Real. The Business Park A5 is located right on the Vienna-Brno-Prague axis and already has very good transport connections with Vienna. The park will be in an even stronger position within the centre of economic events in the near future, with the planned opening to traffic of the Schrick-Poysbrunn section of the A5 Nordautobahn motorway in 2017 and the planned opening of the Poysbrunn-national border section at Drasenhofen in 2018. Many other plus points support the Business Park A5:

Its own motorway access

Other technology and business parks also have good connections to the street network. The special thing about the Business Park A5: The park is even connected directly to the new motorway with its own access and exit. The specially built 6th exit of the roundabout means a lot of time and energy savings.

Until the property boundary

Already at the first level of expansion water, sewer and electrical connections for the lots were installed. There are no extra costs for excavation work to the next connection point (except for the smallest lots).   

Biomass district heating

To ensure economic and ecological sustainability, the heat supply is provided centrally from bio-energetic materials. The supply is adapted to the heat requirements of the respective company and the existing network is permanently and reliably available in the future.

Fully developed

All development costs are included in the purchase price.

LED street lights

In a perfectly functioning business park, work processes take place day and night. Therefore, strong illumination, like the one provided by the Business Park A5, is inevitable and necessary, besides the need to adhere to security standards. 

Broadband internet

Today in many rural regions, it is possible to surf the Internet quickly. But a business park needs more. For web-based production processes or the development of new technologies, an extraordinarily powerful and stable network is necessary. The Business Park A4 also features this infrastructural plus.

20 to 25 minutes to the city boundary of Vienna

The Nordautobahn motorway, which has recently been opened and is therefore in a very good condition, reshuffles the deck of cards in terms of how attractive industrial locations are. The traffic volume from Vienna is much, much lower going north than that going south or east. The Business Park A5 will be an extremely inexpensive alternative in times of increased density of the location Vienna. Infrastructural projects like the extension of the Prague-Vienna Nordautobahn motorway and the completion of the S1 motorway increase those chances tremendously.

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