Facts Region

The Business Park A5 is not only located in the heart of the Weinviertel, but is also considered part of City Region+, which encompasses Vienna and the surrounding area of Vienna and which is one of the most dynamic regions of Europe. By 2030, a population growth of 400,000 is expected.


There is more wind and sun in the Weinviertel than in any other region of Austria. They are two energy sources that are constantly expanding and being supported. In Lower Austria, the demand for electricity is already being covered almost 100% by renewable energies.


Source: Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria


With a wine-growing acreage of more than 13,000 ha, the Weinviertel is Austria’s biggest vineyard. High-class wines are produced here and exported internationally. A success story for area-of-origin marketing is the Weinviertel dac, of which 4 million bottles were sold in 2013.

Sources: www.weinviertel.at, weinvierteldac.at



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