Facts Mistelbach

Within just a few years, Mistelbach has turned into an urban centre: With one of the most fascinating new museum buildings of Austria, one of the biggest hospitals of Lower Austria and an incredibly dynamic economic development. The district capital still shows great potential, which experts attribute to the high technological and innovative ability of the city.

Specialist hospital

In autumn 2014, the new annex of the Mistelbach-Gänserndorf hospital was finished with a gross floor area of ca. 27,500 sqm and a usable floor area of ca. 14,000 sqm. Apart from new medical facilities, there is now a helicopter landing pad on the roof with direct access to the emergency unit and a parking garage for 250 cars. By 2016, the existing buildings will be renovated and the outdoor facilities newly designed. The hospital, which is also the teaching hospital of the Medical University of Vienna, employs ca. 1,500 employees, who treat ca. 29,400 in-patient patients a year.

Shopping city

With a commuting area of 120,000 residents, Mistelbach is one of the best shopping cities of Lower Austria. The city features more than 70,000 sqm of sales area and generates Euro 180 million in retail sales per year. In 2013, the city was voted to the most popular shopping city of Lower Austria by the readers of the Kurier newspaper.

(Still) affordable

The property prices are still affordable at the moment, when compared to the Viennese urban area and the south of Vienna. According to prognoses, the prices will rise significantly in the next years. The residents of the Weinviertel, many of whom commute to Mistelbach, are considered as reliable, loyal and very committed by entrepreneurs.

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